My Minimalist One-Stand-Setup YouTube Studio

Hey guys I’m back this week with a gear-related article, this is to help you get to create your content faster than you can imagine.

Ok, so, this is about how I turned my setup into a one-stand setup after being annoyed out of my mind having to waste 30 to 45 precious minutes each time I wanted to record a video.

Most established YouTubers have a permanent place in their homes or offices where they do record their talk-to-the-cam type of content. 

It was not my case up until now. 

When I wanted to record content at the office, I had to set up the gear and pack everything when I’d be done shooting because there would be someone waiting to use the conference room.

Bummer. I know.

So I thought to myself, let’s look on Youtube for a YouTube setup eh?

I went down this rabbit hole on YouTube and looked at different setups to finally find a great video on the Think Media channel about exactly that. 

How this guy (Nolan Molt) had squeezed all of his 3 stands set up on a single stand!! because he has a super small room to work in. #Minimalism

And let’s be honest, when he uses the setup on the video it looks super great to convey his message with a cool background.

Fair enough, it got me thinking, hey, what If I set up something similar to simply save time? 

Time is precious enough as it is, why not spend a few dollars and building something out for myself! 

Let me show you what it looks like!

Here’s the YouTube video about it: 

Ok now, let’s just go over some numbers real fast. 

Here’s what you would need to recreate this setup: 

You can swap the receivers for this: (34$)

Excluding the camera and sound, this setup is worth a total of 1179$ You can basically use any modern camera with a wide-angle lens and a shotgun mic.

There are a few things I still would like to upgrade later one like a more diffused light and try to hook the microphone from under the camera so the back of it would ideally be pointing to a sound damping sheet or something that can remove reverberation.

I also discovered a few accidental perks while using the setup. 

First of all, I never have to disassemble it, of course, unless I want to take pictures, I can just unclip the camera and leave the rest behind. 

Which is why I built it first but I only now realize how blessed I am to save all that time! 

The other thing too is that It’s a good look.

I still think nevertheless that I should get a wider angle to get a bit more background in the frame to be as close to the camera as possible but it’s like since you’re so close to the camera, the background is almost always blurry which makes it easier to have anything in the back really. 

Of course, I am still learning about what I like in terms of set design but it’s good that it almost always already looks good from any angle. 

I already talked about the time-saving part but I think it’s very important when you want to do something creative that you don’t have any friction before doing ‘’it’’. 

To finish this up, I think this is useful for anyone not only with a small space but to have a ‘’portable’’ YouTube Studio on a stand. It’s just so freaking useful. 

I shall see ya next week? 🙂