First of all, make sure your online presence is CO-HE-RENT.

People will always Google you before contacting you.

And what should they find ?

All your nicely maintained social media. 😉


The reality is that most of my new clients have never “updated” their digital presence.


So, I’ve compiled you a list of what you should update:

  • The relevance & clarity of your texts on your website.
  • Your address & business hours on your Google My Business page & your website.
  • Uniform username on all your social platforms (ex: use @seempaq on every platform)
  • A recent profile picture (nobody wants to see your highschool picture)
  • Content that is consistent with your brand’s color palette

And that’s what I call a powerful online presence.

A solid brand will allow you to stand out from your competition.

People will approach you for the quality of your service or products, not because you are the cheapest.

Your brand will allow you to build a solid base of profitability on which you can reap the rewards of your hard work for decades to come.

Profitability & Branding, the two go hand in hand.

I’ll tell you about my theory next week. ✌️

– Simon