How my Consulting Business is Structured

Hey guys!

I love to work with personal brands and teach strategies to build a brand presence online. 2021 is the year where I take a little step back from consulting and help you guys to do so. 

Today we’re going to see how I structure my consulting business, the processes my clients go through and what products I sell at every steps and why. 

Before we start, I want to give you a little bit of context.

  1. When I started I had no idea what I was doing but I knew I wanted a structured program to help my clients achieve a transformation in terms of their knowledge and habits. 
  2. I always had in mind that no clients would be working permanently with me because the goal of my program is to teach them to be autonomous. 
  3. Anything I share with you guys is subject to change the second I finish record, it’s in my nature to keep tinkering with new ideas, test new structures and always evolve the client experience along with my new knowledge.

After 4 years of trials and errors I came to realize a few things that may be useful for you if you want to start your own consulting practice. 

Let’s go.

First of let’s see how I convert prospects into clients and what usually happens when I sign them on my coaching program. 

I don’t always sell my program to everyone because its only useful if the clients has certain things done prior. 

They need to have their branding and website done ideally, of course there is exception. But I want them to focus on creating and publishing content. 

If a client comes to me with ab business Idea we will start with the Tarmac. 

The tarmac’s purpose is to define the name, brand identity, mission statement (elevator pitch), what problem the business solves to which dream clients and we figure out what the our designer will need to create as their branding and website. 

Only then, when everything is done and ready we get started with my 6 months coaching program. 

It’s important to note that this is not a cohort based program nor a group program. And that is why I only take 10 to 15 clients at anytime. 

During the program they will be accountable to me and my team in multiple ways. (Weekly check-in’ monthly meeting and by-monthly calls with me to make sure we are on track with the strategy 

  1. They will learn how to create powerful and authentic content.
  2. They will learn how to make quality content before increasing their publishing frequency. 
  3. They will learn to develop the habit of creating content in batches to save time because most of my clients are business owners, not content creators, so efficiency is super important. 
  4. They will learn to focus ont heir strengths, wether it is writing, videography, photography or graphic design, I always focus on what they CAN do before adding teaching new possible content avenues.

And many more little details that we work on individually with each clients. 

Once the program is done we move on to the Check up plan which is a monthly call with me for 30 to 45 minutes without a contract to make sure the client keep their good habits of publishing and discussing strategies and struggles they might face. 

Honesty this is where I am today, this is my business.

Simple as that.